Log: latest works & reflections

Many of our research projects are in the making for months or even years. Here is what's going on today.

may. 2015 | Matthieu Savary

Pixel is Data in Arcade Mag

Pixel is Data app was featured in Arcade Magazine's Spring edition about Data Culture:"the application disrupts the narrative conveyed by a single photograph, enabling countless interpretations by reorganizing the image's pixel structure. This project highlights data's potential to tell a multitude of stories in the hands of the user." Find out more about the magazine at http://www.arcadenw.org and on Twitter @arcadenw. Lots of events happening in the greater Seattle area and beyond.

Research: creative tools & tangible interactions

Our research focuses on bringing powerful creative capacities to humans like us all.


At User Studio, besides designing awesome service experiences for our clients, we design creative tools and tangible interactions for everyone.

Smallab is our interaction design lab

At User Studio, we have a long-lasting tradition of research & development and a passion for interaction design. Ultimately, we're designers. We enjoy turning complicated things into accessible, desirable things, for the majority and for the greater good.

Creative tools

One of our passions has to do with making tools, and giving the chance to non-specialists to realize things they thought were impossible to make by themselves.

Since 2006 – even before User Studio was founded – we've been developing creative tools. Tools for artists and enthusiasts, tools to create & play music, create images, interpret movement. Tools for small kids, tools for big kids.

Tangible interactions

It's very often that there is no better way to design a creative tool than to use tangible interaction principles.

As an example, we've created a now famous controller know as the DIRTI – it's actually more of a category of controllers that we invented from scratch, the Dirty Tangible Interfaces, where the interaction is messy and dirty but also infinitely nuanced and expressive… like the real world. Those interfaces are indeed real-world interfaces, such as a tapioca bowl or fur. Seriously.


We're constantly looking for surprising new explorations to conduct & share and extraordinary new partnerships to found. Contact us.