jun. 2013 | Matthieu Savary

New CCGLTouch for Cinder's latest release 0.8.5

It's ready for you to make tasty, coco-acid flavored apps again!


It's ready for you to make tasty, coco-acid flavored apps again! By the way please note that the new Cinder release (0.8.5) comes with a NativeControls sample that demonstrates its new built-in capability: Cocoa-based applications, a new feature in which the CCGL & CCGLTouch wrappers played some conceptual part. Hey, I'm only a designer ;)

Nevertheless here is some freshly baked code: cocoacid.org/ios hosts a brand new version of the Cocoa wrapper for Cinder I've been maintaining since Cinder v0.8.3. I thought there are still quite a few cases when Obj-C code style and logic might just make things simpler & cleaner, eventhough the built-in Cocoa-based feature covers a lot.

Please note that the CCGLTouchAccelerometer XCode project has disappeared from the examples since a new MotionManager CinderBlock has appeared in 0.8.5. Once I get the time, I'll make an example with it. Also a new XCode template was added to the XCode templates: the MayaCam template, based on the CCGLTouchMayaCam example project. It's proven to be very practicle when you just want to have a go at a 3D scene. There's nothing like interacting with a 3D world to understand what the heck is going wrong... sounds familiar?!

Anyways, as always, you're welcome to join the discussion and submit bugs and requests through the Disqus board at cocoacid.org/ios. Happy coding :]

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